Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Do Hard Things" in everyday activities (like school!)

There are subjects in school that are just plain challenging. Right now for me, that would be Physics. As much as I LOVE science, Physic is not my favorite. Know why? I'm not exactly crazy about math, and as ya'll know, Physics and math are inseparable. Every module contains new equations patiently waiting to be learned and applied by every enthusiastic (and, unfortunately, not so enthusiastic) student.
Well, for weeks I had (notice the past tense?) been putting off the 10th module. Whenever I encounter something difficult, I have the tendency to procrastinate (big word for laziness). However, I eventually became tired of my lazy behavior (thank you, Lord) and decided to do something about that 10th module. I determined to REALLY LEARN that module and see if I would do better on the test (most of my tests didn't accurately measure my capacity to learn the material because I had a I-don't-really-care or I-could-care-less attitude). So, with my mind made up, I attacked the module and tore the equations to bits (not literally). Once my attitude changed, God opened my eyes to see that what I thought was HARD was actually quite conquerable. The test proved that my mind tricked me into thinking that the information and math applications were too complex to be understood. In the end, I felt like I was solving kindergarten problems (well, maybe they weren't that easy, but pretty close to it).
This happened the day before the Rebelution conference. What I learned from experience served as a concrete example for me that the things Brett and Alex talked about were true. Hard things aren't necessarily PHYSICALLY hard, maybe sometimes it's our minds that make us think it's hard.
Now I am greatly encourage and inspired to pursue EXCELLENCE and my VERY BEST in this not-so-challenging-anymore subject (Physics) as well as in all my other school work, whether they be easy or hard.
I thank God, that even though it took me 10 modules to learn that my attitude was the problem, He's opened my eyes now while there is yet time to reclaim my past grades.


Charlie Mulligan said...

EXCELLENT, Melley! This is one of the best summations of what doing hard things really means, so I priase God for His work in your life.

There is always a tendency for me to just what I need to get an A. Now, that might seem like a lot of work, but for my current classes (by and large) this is easy for me. What I don't, do though, is work to really learn the material, much of which I will use later in my career, God willing. It takes work to sit down and learn instead of just doing the least possible.

Thanks for your encouraging post!

Mark said...

I am actually still having the problem you used to have Melly Rose, except that my battleground is chemistry.

Your story, though, inspired me to try harder. Thanks!

Emily E. said...

That is wonderful Melly! I have to say I'm where Mark is though. I have struggled in science all year, and for me, it's not the grades, it's the time I'm taking. I always whip through the reading part(and experiments) but whenever it comes to reviewing for the test, I always seem to push it to the side, which pushes out my test, which makes me get behind. It's really just my laziness, because I really do love science, and it's not incredibly hard for me. But, I can say that since the conference, I am started to make improvements with school. Actually, I should get off the computer right now and go start reviewing for my test ;)

Thanks for the encouragement, Melly!

Chelsey Miracle said...

This was great cool to see what God is doing in your life even before the conference! School is one area I struggle with too...not because its hard (most of it isn't) but because its so easy for me to daydream or read a book or just make excuses because of my crazy schedule...this was really encouraging...thanks Melly!

Melly Rose said...

Thanks for the encouragement guys, and I'm glad ya'll were inspired too.
I can't say that it'll be easy to be diligent all the time, but with every effort to build good habits in every area of our lives, God will reward us. Sometimes we see the fruits of our work immediately, but most of the time we have to stay patient (now THAT is hard!) and trust God.
I'm just glad that every effort to glorify God and do hard things count both now and eternity.