Thursday, April 10, 2008

God of Justice (we must go) Tim Hughes

Singing this song at the conference was really cool and I love the chorus:

We must go, live to feed the hungry, stand beside the broken, we must go, stepping forward, keep us from just singing move us into action we must go.


Mark Hartwick said...

"Keep us from just singing"

Even after I became a Christian, for the longest time I was "just singing" words and phrases. I wasn't really worshipping, or thinking about the words that much. I mean, I knew what I was saying, and I definitely agreed with everything I was saying, but I just wasn't "worshipping".

Then one day, while I was just "singing", I actually "thought" about the words, and suddenly everything came to life. Since then, worship has become a spiritual refreshment for me. If I had a rough day at work, then all I have to do is worship on the way home, and it puts everything in perspective. So, you can see how the lyrics at the top of this post are really meaningful to me.

Anyway, sorry for the short story. :)

Emily E. said...

Wow, I just love that song! I have been playing that song all morning! I agree, Mark, it used to be the exact same way for me. Since coming to CrossWay, I've really grown in that area. When you really think about the words/lyrics, you can hardly help truly worship the Lord!

Morgan said...

Yeah, it was the same way for me too. It used to be so hard for me to focus on the words. So i started just closing my eyes and listening to the words and thinking about what they mean. Then i just got so excited and its been a LOT easier to concentrate on worship since then. Anyway, that song has been playing in my head since i got back from the conference! Thanks for posting that!

Charlie Mulligan said...

I am so excited about the work God has done in each of your lives in this area!