Friday, April 11, 2008

Hard Things

Hard things. These past few months, this has NOT been what i wanted to do. i walked through life, pursuing what made ME happy, what I liked, what I wanted to do, barely doing what i was supposed to, and nothing more. Basically, i was acting like a child. I'm 16 - the world would say that's normal, acceptable, but as a Christian i knew better. The problem was, i didn't WANT to "do hard things" i was content to stay a "normal teenager". All those months, God was working on my heart, showing me my errors, and bringing me back to him. This past Saturday, The Rebelution came to hickory. I was looking forward to the event, looking forward to hearing from two passionate young men, and enjoying fellowship with my friends. All through the conference, God was working on my heart, exposing the truth of the messages. As i walked out to the car i was quieter than usual. I had a lot to think about. On the long trip back to Charlotte, i thought about the words "Do Hard Things". What does this mean for me? where can i apply this to my life? i thought. This past week, i prayed that God would reveal to me the answer to my question. You see, i have a very good life - parents that love me, friends that care about me, a job i love. Not very many "hard things" to do - or so i thought. Just last night, after arriving back home from playing Ultimate Frisbee, i was talking to my parents. i noticed that my Mom was wearing the arm brace we had bought her the previous day to help her Carpel Tunnel syndrome in her right hand. I asked her how it was doing, and she told me that while wearing the brace, she cant really use her arm, which means she cant do laundry, drive, do dishes, or anything else really that she does around the house. She cant take it off, because any use of the right arm is excruciatingly painful for her. My Dad is also temporarily disabled, having recently had knee surgery for the 2nd time in the past 10 weeks. He's on crutches, and is in a lot of pain as well. That obviously means someone else has to do the work they cant do, and seeing as how i dont have siblings, it falls to me to help them as much as i can, which will mean taking on much responsibility. i was thinking last night that God has shown me what i asked for - this is my "Hard Thing"!! Over the next months with God's help i will be doing the Hard Things he has laid out for me, the things my folks cant do, which is drive them places, do most of the housework they would do, etc. I know God is working through this to shape me into the man He wants me to be, and i'm very grateful for the privilege. Brett, Alex, thank you for inspiring me to "Do Hard Things" - i know this is a turning point in my life, and i am very grateful for your input. Thank you also Chels for creating this blog - i know this will be a means of Grace to me and everyone else.

In Christ,



Charlie Mulligan said...

Nathan- all I can say is excellent. Great job really thinking about how to apply what you had heard and then seizing opportunities.

Praying for you ~ Charlie

Emily E. said...

That's great! As Alex and Brett said, "Do Hard Things" may be different for everyone. For you it's starting with helping your parents out in a hard time. For others is may be reading their Bible more or trying to be more patient with their siblings. Those can all be hard to do. None of them are too small or not important. I'm glad you've found where you can start doing hard things!

Keep up the good work and I'll be praying for you(and your parents)!


Mark said...
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Mark said...

Thats an awesome and inspiring story, Nathan.

I also realized that doing "hard" things is a lot more mental work than physical work.

Is it hard to do the dishes? No.

Is it hard to take initiative and do them if they are just sitting there? Absolutely. Well, for me at least.


Nathan said...

Thank you guys, of course it is God's grace that i can even share this with yall. Emily, great points, you're right - there is no all-encompassing standard that we all must live up to. We all have a different level on what is "hard" - what is hard for someone may not be hard for someone else, and vice-versa. Like Mark said, this is definitely more mental than phisical - we are lazy at heart (at least i am) and our evil natures resist doing anything that doesnt serve us. This is what makes it hard :-) Thanks for the comments here guys, and for the prayer :-D it is quite a blessing.

Emily E. said...

Yes, definitely, Mark. That's how it is a lot of the time for me too.

Emily E. said...

Nathan, how's it going? How are your parents doing/feeling? Is your mom's carpel tunnel a temporary thing? I've been praying for you!