Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rebelution "Theme Song" and my favorite Dead Guy

I have to vote for my favorite dead guy: John Calvin. My favorite quote from him is "The sovereignty of God answers every question."
Anyway, I was humming this tune from Rebecca St. James the other day, and it occurred to me that if I had to choose a theme song for the Rebelution, it would be something like it, so I wanted to share it with you guys. Here are the lyrics:

Stand - Rebecca St. James

There is a time for healing
A time for all purposes under the sun
There's a time for laughter
A time to let go and a time to hold on

So we are here, but why are we waiting?
Why are we acting like dead men walking?
The time has arrived for us to arise
Joining our hands united together

This is our time to be strong
This is our time to rise up, to stand and be counted
This is our time to believe,
And know in our God we are free
So the world knows to Him we belong

Lord, capture our hearts now
Drown out the pleasures and treasures that bind us
Give us your courage to be strong
To be brave and never back down

There's no time to lose, we can't be silent
In a world that is dying to find out the truth
We've got the answer - let's lay down our all
With reckless abandon


(Thank you Chelsea for creating this blog and inviting me!)


Emily E. said...

Cara, those lyrics are great! I think my favorite part of that song is:
"The time has arrived for us to arise
Joining our hands united together"

Because like the Harris Bro's said, when multiple people rise up and work together, it's amazing what they can accomplish!