Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stand Up

I have recently watched Expelled. This is a documentary of how the secular science world views Intelligent Design (ID) and Evolution. The evolutionists in major universities want to keep their beliefs in evolution secure and when scientists who taught or were connected with those universities even mentioned ID, they were expelled. This is a documentary showing how those in authority in the science field are stripping away the freedoms of speech and religion from scientists who believe in ID. I would HIGHLY recommend watching this documentary.
Those scientists who were expelled had to stand up against the secular mindset. They were ostracized for their beliefs; they received hate emails; they lost their jobs.
This got me thinking. What areas of our lives does the world see that makes them oppose us so much? And in those areas (whatever they may be), how can WE as Christians and Rebelutionaries do the hard thing and STAND UP for Christ? How much are we willing to sacrifice our lives for the One who gave us His all?
Please comment and answer these few questions.
Where (doesn't have to be a place, but could be an area(s) in your life that people see and don't like because you are a Christian) have you been opposed?
How have those people treated you? What have they said or done?
How have you been able to STAND UP for Christ in those situations?
Was it easy to be bold and not shrink back from defending your beliefs?
How did God empower you to STAND UP for Him?
And finally, what were those people's responses and have they changed their attitudes toward you?
Thanks for taking the time to answer.
I can't wait to read and be motivated by your responses.

All 4 Him,
Melly Rose


Charlie Mulligan said...

Melly- thanks for your very good post!

There are plenty of times when I am opposed as I try to share the Gospel at UNCC. This isn't the kind of severe, hostile opposition that the scientists faced, but it has to be overcome none-the-less.
In a meeting I had with a friend from UNCC just this last Friday, we were discussing the ligitamacy of same-sex marriages. When I said frankly that if I had a friend who was engaging in homesexuality that I would tell him/her that they were sinning, my friend was astonished. Fortunately, this friend is pretty close to me, and our differences in opinion have not affected our relationship.
However, it is important to stand for what is right. The temptation for me is to soften my message or compromise or hide what I truly believe. The key is to be gracious and understanding while also being firm.

In short it is hard, but not impossible! God's power overcomes!

Melly Rose said...

Thank you for sharing, Charlie. I have not experienced any opposition whatsoever because I am not really out in the world much. I don't have a job yet, and I'm not attending CPCC yet either.
It's good to know how others have responded to opposition and learn from them so that I can be better prepared for when those times come.
So thank you for your thoughts.

Emily E. said...

Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you, Melly. I'm home schooled, don't have a job, all my neighbors are Christians, all the classes I take are with Christians, etc. So this is very helpful, Charlie, thanks for sharing you story.

And, I can't wait to see this movie! I heard about it several months ago but kind of forgot about it until now. I think our family may go see it sometime this week. What an awesome movie to be in theaters. I bet God will use this movie for His glory! Think of all the people that will be seeing this movie!?!


Melly Rose said...

Exactly what I was thinking, Emily. You are definitely going to enjoy it.