Friday, May 2, 2008

How'd it go?

Well its the end of the week. (tomorrow anyway) Please post and tell us how your week went. Were you able to do your Hard Thing? Did you struggle? Did you even fall down during the race? Let us know so we can keep praying for you! Please feel free to post and not just comment...this blog is for you guys to express your thoughts!

Also, I think we should do a book study together...we could start with Do Hard Things (shocker?) Let me know what you think.
Have a good weekend you guys!


Emily E. said...

I did pretty well this week, considering how busy we've been. It's still a work in progress, but I can see God's work. How was your week, Chelsey?

And about the book study, I think it sounds awesome, but I'm not positive that I would be able to participate. You see, we live over 30 minutes away from the church and therefore, we really have to plan our trips in. Gas is so outrageously expensive *sigh* But, all that said, if something was organized, I would love to try to be apart of it all.

Anonymous said...

My week has gone pretty well. God is so kind! He knows exactly what I need (duh) and this week in my Bible through the year plan, I was reading about how the king of Assyria was talking to Hezekiah and saying how none of the other gods saved these other nations from his forefathers. God used this to remind me again of how only he is capable of saving me and that I can do nothing except through Christ who strengthens me.

About the book study, would this be something we could do online?


Anonymous said...

One more thing...I would suggest that we not do a whole chapter a week. Not that it would be hard(haha), but it's so rich, I think we would be able to apply it more fully if we were to take it slowly and read and discuss one section per week.
Just a thought.

Chelsey Miracle said...

Glad to hear everything is going pretty well, the book study would be online so we could break down the chapters and then discuss what stood out to us the most or ask any questions.

Mark said...

My week fighting procrastination went really well. Even with working 5 days in a row this week, I was still able to mow the lawn, finish Geometry for the year and get caught up on some other school subjects, catch up with some reading, and spend a bunch of time having fellowship with my friends!

This week has definitely been one of my best when it comes to motivation. Thanks for coming up with this idea, Chelsey!

Morgan said...

well, this week was very very hard, a lot of hard stuff happened, but i did okay with my patience. i still need to work on it a lot more though. but God really did help me this week. Keep praying for me! :)

Emily E. said...

That's great guys! I know for me, the encouragement and accountability this week really helped.

If the book study is online then I'd love to participate!

Melly Rose said...

I did pretty well this week. The fact that I was accountable to all of you help me a lot. I was more mindful each day of my chores and did them with a better attitude.

I've read through 'Do Hard Things' already. My family is going to go through the book. But I would still like to participate in the book study.

I will definitely continue to pray for all of you.

Anonymous said...

You guys are inspiring me... I have had some difficulty with the hard stuff, like thinking about the things of God and not just the things of earth. I found your blog on The Rebelution's website. Thanks!

By the way, that blue text on the green ground is kind of hard to read.


Mark said...

Hey, about the book study, I think thats an awesome idea. I think that it would really encourage better fellowship and discussion on the blog.