Friday, May 30, 2008

How'd it go?

So, how'd it go this week? I know the week isn't technically over but I'm going to be a little busy tomorrow. =)
Anyway...please post your experiences this week in asking people about their quiet times. I was able to talk to a guy from work and it was really cool because we got into this really deep discussion (he's a Christian too but I didn't know that at first) so that was neat.
If you didn't get a chance this week then please remember that these are NOT only one week challenges, these are things we should be doing on a regular basis.
Laus Deo
Praise be to God


Mark said...

I asked a guy from work too. I can't remember the verses that he read, but I remember they were about patience. He went on to tell me that what he reads in his quiet time varies depended on his needs and emotions. He had been feeling really impatient about certain things recently, so he was reading verse about patience.

Melly Rose said...

I asked Elizabeth what she read today. She said she read in Revelation and Isaiah. She's reading through the Bible in two years. We had a good time of fellowship; we even had something we could pray for each other about. I was very encouraged and blessed.