Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Movie, Book Study, and Posting

Ok people, Melly called me the other day and we decided to try to get everyone together this Saturday to see the 9:45am showing of Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. We'll be going to the Starlight Cinema If you would like to join us please come! I think we'll probably meet right outside around 9:20 or 9:30. Also word of warning, I don't know how much tickets are but they are NOT accepting coupons, we already asked. So see you Saturday Morning!

Book Study: This coming week, starting Monday we'll begin our Book Study and for the next 2 weeks we'll concentrate on Chapter 1. Please read Chapter 1 in Do Hard Things by this coming Wednesday so we'll be ready to discuss. Also please come up with your own questions that you want others to answer.

Note: Just wanted to say to those of you who don't post. Please don't be afraid to post or comment. This blog is for accountability and we need participation to have good accountability. Please make it a goal to try and post something soon, if we are going to keep this blog active, we need as much as we can get! Don't be afraid of what to post or what others might think because thats kind of the point of this grow together and help each other. Whether its just 2 sentences about how you didn't do well at DHT that day or how you succeded, we want to hear about it! It doesn't have to be deep or profound, but we do want to be able to encourage you. So thanks for sharing people!

Note2: Do you want me to ask every week a new question? Like "What is your DHT for this week?"


Emily E. said...

I can't go see the movie with everyone because I already committed to seeing it with some other friends. I hope you all have a great time though.

Ok, I can't wait to start this book study with you all.

And yes, I like the weekly question :-)

Morgan said...

i like the weekly question too. and the book study sounds great! i can't see the movie either because i might be going twice this week with some other friends. i'm positive i'm going on friday though. have a good time!

Anonymous said...

Definitely like the weekly question.

sorry, I can't come either. My family and I are going to see it together.


Emily E. said...

How was the movie?

Morgan said...

i went to the midnight showing, and then i went again later so i saw it twice in one day! it was REALLY good. i think a lot of people might not like it because it wasn't like the book in a lot of ways and there was a lot more action and fighting and wars and stuff than the first one, it's not as much as a family film than the first. but i loved it! its my new favorite movie!

Chelsey Miracle said...

I really enjoyed it...good movie. I really don't care if it was true to the books since I haven't read them since I was 8 :P and true it was more sci-fi than I normally like but it was still a great movie...I personally love the Mouse :D

Mark said...

Hey guys, I'm back. I had a really crazy day today, but I'll be able to start the Verse of the Day back up again tomorrow.

About the book study, I really want to do it, unfortunately I don't have a copy of Do Hard Things, so I'm going to work on acquiring one.