Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Interview!

Alex and Brett have just done a new interview with NPR news CHECK IT OUT its a really cool interview.
Also, there is a very cool liberal, progressive review of Do Hard Things. It was posted on

"Not a "Christian"? Read THIS review
"I am NOT a fundamentalist Christian- I am a liberal, ultra-progressive Roman Catholic and a democrat. I am writing this because, although I have different political and spiritual views from the authors of this book (and nearly all of the reviewers) I thought this book had a lot of ideas worthy of thought.I didn't always agree with certain ideas (though a modest dresser myself, I wasn't happy with parts of their modesty survey). Nor do I agree with some of the authors' religious statements and conclusions. But after deciding to "agree to disagree" with those parts, I can honestly say that the overall thesis and message of the book I completely agreed with. Moreover, this book was very well written and inspiring, even for me, an adult well past the teen years.I'm not going to waste space on Amazon talking about the good points of the book- plenty of reviewers have, and you can read what they wrote. All I'm saying is, you can disagree with certain political and religious views of the authors and still get a lot out of this book."

So there ya go...even if it wasn't a radical change, the seeds were planted so that is something we can get excited about!
Speaking of Do Hard Things...sorry I haven't started this yet, if you have come up with any questions from Chapter One, please post them and that way we can have a discussion.


Emily said...

Wow! That's awesome!

Mark said...

That is really cool that even on the opposite side of the spectrum the book is having an impact.

Emily said...

Yeah, that just goes to show that this even appeals to some non-Christians. Maybe some will read this book and not only be changed by the 'do hard things' message, but also the gospel! God works in amazing ways!