Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chapter One

Alrighty, sorry that I didn't finish the rest of the questions last week...things got a little busy but that is no are the rest of the questions for chapter one

1) As you read the inside flaps of the book and the first chapter, how did you react to the authors’ talk about change, hard things, and "rebelution"?
2)Usually we try to look to older (hopefully wiser) people for life advice. Do you see any risks when teenagers—in this case, two nineteen year olds—try to persuade other young people to change how they think? On the other hand, what might be some advantages to the authors’ age?
3)"We don’t think ‘average teenagers’ exist," write the twins. Do you feel average? If so, why? Does that ever feel like a good thing? If not, what is it that makes you feel not average?
4)The fictional Dundress monks were well intentioned but unhappy Christians who believed that more misery must mean more holiness. Have you ever thought that? Where do you think that kind of thinking comes from?
5)In what ways do you think popular culture misrepresents what the teen years are for? Can you think of one thing that would change if you and your friends believed—really believed—that low expectations were ripping you off?

Have fun answering these questions and we'll start on chapter 2 tomorrow!