Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chapter Two

Chapter Two...and so it begins!!!

1)Looking back, do you see a season, a book, or an event that changed what you believe or how you live? If so, talk about it. How are you different now?

2) One teen told Alex and Brett, "Everyone I know at school is shackled by low expectations." Could you say the same thing? If so, talk about why. (or in our, co-ops, sports teams, etc.)

3) Have you ever found yourself responsible for a task that seemed too big for you to succeed at? If so, what happened? Did that experience turn out to be a bad thing or a good thing in your life?

4) Did you identify with the story of shy Heidi Bentley (pages 19-22)? If so, talk about it.


Morgan said...

haha, for the second question, i homeschool, so everyone at school for me is expected to do a lot.

but there are some people i know that are shackled by low expectations.

is anyone else going to do this?

Meshaay said...

Question 1: Yes! A few years ago I had a time when all I could really do all day was read, and the only book I had that I hadn't really read was my Bible. So I started reading it more. I remember reading Ezekiel 38 and 39, and that spurred an interest for Bible prophecy in me. But God used that time to revamp my relationship with Him. It was awesome! And still is!

Melly Rose said...

Question 2: I am thankful that my parents do not have low expectations for me. I know that if it were left up to me I would be more lazy than I am now.

Question 3: Because of circumstances, I had to administrate the graduation reception this year. I have never headed up an event in my life, and even though I knew what I basically had to do, it was a little scary (this is a big event!). However, the people that volunteered to serve were phenomenal!! They were willing to do whatever needed to be done, and all of them were so kind and patient with me.
I got everything done, and I very much enjoyed heading up the reception.
My first BIG event to lead was a wonderful experience!
Thank you, Lord!

Melly Rose said...

Chelsey, could you keep the comments we all make to the questions. It's nice to look over what others have written. Thanks!