Monday, June 9, 2008

Do Hard Things Study

Alright, I hope you all have had the chance to download and look over your Do Hard Things Study Guide. From the way I see it, this will be a 13 week study, with a question every day during the week. (not weekends) So please do your best to contribute your thoughts and answers to these questions. (check back every day for a new question in this same post...and if your answer is long, you can answer the question in a post of your own =) ) Here we go....

Chapter One
1) As you read the inside flaps of the book and the first chapter, how did you react to the authors' talk about change, hard things, and "rebelution"?

2) Usually we try to look to older(hopefully wiser) people for life advice. Do you see any risks when teenagers-in this case, two nineteen year olds-try to persuade other young people to change how they think? On the other hand, what might be some advantages to the authors' age?


Melly Rose said...

As I started reading 'Do Hard Things', I felt like I was breathing clean, fresh air. I've felt many times that there were more to the teen years than relaxing and doing whatever is fun and cool. Their ideas inspired me and encouraged me to do what they are doing: hard things.
I also felt convicted about those times when I believed like the world, when I wanted everyone and everything to revolve around me and whatever I wanted. There were many times that I did the least amount of work necessary to get by (e.g. school, chores). I was slowly accepting the world's LOW standard for teens and not thinking about what God expects from me as a follower of Christ.
I was convicted, but also motivated by the fact that I can still change in the areas that I think like the world.
One point that I liked was when they wrote "And if you're a Christian, we're certainly not telling you that if you work harder or make yourself uncomfortable on purpose, God will love you more. He will never-could never-love you more than He does right now."
We are not doing hard things to get God to love us more or to gain more of His favor. We are doing hard things to show the world that God is worth doing hard things for. This is a big way to be an obvious witness for God; we are showing the power of the gospel at work in our lives: lives that God has changed for the BETTER! And we are growing in obedience to God. And this is why the teen years are more exciting than the world portrays.
I thank God for Alex and Brett's book and can honestly say that their book has made a lasting influence in my life.

Melly Rose said...

I think that the Harris guys age helps other young people to listen to what they are saying. Young people are more willing and able to relate to Alex and Brett at their age than say someone in their 40s or 50s.

I hope I'm not going to be the only one commenting. This might mean I'm the only one so far that's read the book. You all need to start going!

Morgan said...

when i started to read the book, i was kind of nervous. i really didn't want to have to do hard things, i wanted to have an easy teen years. but after the first chapter was over, i was really excited and encouraged! i started praying about what hard things God wanted me to do, and those things have really payed off. i agree with you melly, i love that point that they made that God doesn't love you more if you do hard things. but if we do do hard things, its a GREAT way to be a witness! so thats just a little bit of what i got out of the first stuff. i'm looking forward to reading what everyone else thinks!

Morgan said...

and yeah, it makes it more interesting for me to listen to younger people, i really can relate to them better than older people.