Saturday, June 28, 2008

Long answer to a short question :-)

Answers to the study guide for chapter 2:
1) Yes, well, sort of :-). I've struggled to let the events produce outward lasting change but in my core I'm different. Really, it was a series of events too long to post right now, but the combination of a missions trip to Nigeria, This Present Darkness/Piercing the Darkness (now my favorite books besides the Bible), and other things totally revamped my attitude and thoughts about prayer (most of the time:-)). I now see prayer as a delight instead of a duty (though a not terribly unpleasant duty); a passion instead of a performance; an expression of personal friendship instead of an expression of "family friendship". Of course, it's a journey (one that the worship dance teachers especially have played a part in recently), but that's the first part of my answer.Secondly is my gaining a "big picture" of God, a fuller view of Him (literally magnifying Him :-)). The defining moment for that was probably this spring, when I attended a Bible study taught by my church history teacher on the very topic. More about that some other time per Melly's idea of attribute studies.
2) I don't think so
3) No
4) Not really


Melly Rose said...

I have the same problem about prayer.
It's hard for me to pray by myself to God during my devotions. Sometimes it's because I'm lazy and other times I get distracted.
It's one area I can really grow in.