Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mark and Chelsey.....

Hi everyone!

I thought it was only appropriate to make a post in honor of Mark and Chelsey. As most of you know, last night at the Q222 banquet, they were both rewarded with the best Godly Character and Example. I haven't known Mark or Chelsey for a very long time, nor do I know either of them very well. But from what I've seen in both of them, I'm not at all surprised that they got this award.

Chelsey, you are so sweet! You're so welcoming, friendly and easy to be around. Your smile is truly infectious. I love your joyful and cheerful attitude. Thanks for making this blog, it has been awesome and has really been a huge motivation and has helped keep me accountable. Thank you for being such a servant and an example!

Mark, I've only talked to you a few times, but I can tell you're a great Godly leader. The way that you started the study with the younger teens and how you've been very diligent to post a daily verse for all of us. I know that many times those verses were just what I needed that day. Thank you for being such a hard worker and serving the Lord in everything you do!

You both are really great examples of Rebelutionairies! Keep serving and growing in the Lord!


Morgan said...

w00t!!!!!! Congrats guys!!!

Chelsey, you have definintally been encouraging to me too, like everytime i see you, you have a smile on your face and although you are sarcastic sometimes ;), you are always happy and love to laugh.

Mark, those verses are always encouraging to me and i love coming to this site everyday to see what encouragment you have for us!

so congrats again guys! you definintally deserve this!


Chelsey Miracle said...

Aww thanks guys!!! I honestly feel like I don't deserve that award...I could think of so many better people than myself and just to hear your encouragement is really such a blessing...I'm so grateful for friends like you guys!!!!

And Mark, are one worthy of this award!

Mark said...

Wow thanks guys...

Yeah, I totally did not see that coming. I was actually mentally going down a list of people I thought might get the award, and I wasn't on that list :)

The videos were awesome though. It was really encouraging to hear what the different people had to say.

Anyways, thanks guys!


Emily said...

lol, you are both very welcome! The fact that you're so humble enough to think you don't deserve it is another reason why you DO deserve it!

Yeah, those videos were awesome! I'm sure it was such an encouragement for you two to hear from your friends and family in that way.

Once again, congrats!!