Friday, June 27, 2008

Upcoming Youth Camp!

Hey All,

Since Youth Camp 08 is next week, I came up with a challenge for all who are going (I hope everyone is!). My challenge would be to meet teens from other Sovereign Grace churches and to be open to whatever God has to say to each of us through the messages given.
I know it's a tendency to look at this opportunity as just a hang-out time, but we can make the most of this event. Take the time to prepare your hearts to receive encouragement, conviction, correction, and/or wisdom at the Youth Camp. Also initiate fellowship. Let's help each other grow in cultivating fellowship and accountability.
Also, this could be a great opportunity for each of us to stretch our comfort zones by initiating friendship with teens outside of our church. I'm sure God will bring a new friend along if we just reach out.
And definitely don't miss hanging out either. It's great to be with our friends and share fun times, and this will definitely be one of them.
I can't wait for what God's got in store for each of us at Youth Camp 08! I hope to see you all there!!!



Emily said...

Hey Melly! My family will be going to the youth retreat. That is a very good idea! I really look forward to all the unique opportunities we will have at the retreat! I'm sure we will all have a chance to grow somewhere in our lives. I hope to see all of you there!


Morgan said...

great idea melly! that is for sure something that is out of my comfort zone and i really need to work on that so thats a great challenge for me.

im so looking forward to the retreat! its coming up so fast! it seems like the first session will be starting kinda late though, like 9 pm or something.

anyway, i hope i'll see you guys there!

Mark said...

Great reminder of why we are really going, thanks Melly.

Cyall there.


Melly Rose said...

Well, I'm definitely challenging myself too. It's not easy for me to reach out and meet new people on my own.
But God has blessed me with a new friend each time I have reached out and that has been very encouraging.