Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Since I love books, I've had a lifelong dream of having a church library. I think having a library would be helpful because I would like to read a lot more books than I can buy myself, because it would be a good way to get to know some of you better :-), and because I think it would be fun to have a project to work on with other teens. Recently, Kailey and I have talked about the idea, and she thinks it would be neat, but I would also appreciate some input from a larger group. Assuming others support the idea after prayer, here's a plan I've thought about:

Several of us form the core team, and commit to being the workforce to staff/get the library going (perhaps organizing existing space to make room, organizing books, check-in/check-out procedure, etc)
We make a plan of how the library might work (funding, how to get books, space, etc)
We submit the plan to the pastors
If the pastors approve, we start working on it, possibly recruiting from the larger youth group if we need more help

On the logistics front, I imagine we could build up a good store of books by making the "joining fee" the donation of at least one book, new or gently used. I'm hoping space could be garnered by rearranging existing storage spaces, possibly emptying one.

Anyway, all that to say, would you be willing to think about this and post a response? Any questions or ideas would be welcome.


Anonymous said...

Good idea, but I think you would have a better response if you asked families in the church to donate some of their books. I am sure many families have a few extra copies of certain books, or books they have already read and want to clean out to make room for more.

If the joining "fee" was donating a book then you would have to keep track of that rather I think it's a better idea to have books donated on free will, I am sure you'll have a great response.

Chelsey Miracle said...

Cara, cool idea, I'm not sure how exactly it would work since we already have a bookstore. you can find some good books at goodwill or book buyers for pretty cheap...

or we could just start out with all of the local rebs just having a book club and borrowing books from each other and then see where it goes from there. And i think you might need to involve the pastors before you start planning.

Emily said...

I think it's a great idea as well, but I think I'm with Chelsey. I'm not really sure if we could get it all to work. Starting up a library would be very expensive and is probably much harder than it sounds. If something was going to be pursued, I think the pastors should be consulted up front. If it actually started working out, I'd be interested in possibly helping out with it.

I was about to suggest the idea of a book club though. I think that is a great and probably a very feasible idea.


Anonymous said...

That's a really neat idea. My suggestion would be to pray about it, talk to your parents and the pastors and ask them to pray about it, too. We can pray for you, too.

If this were to happen, I would definitely pray about helping you with organizational and secretarial type things. Also, the homeschool mom's e-mail group regularly offer free book - you could get books from there.

Morgan said...

good idea, but i have no idea how that would work. im with chelsey too, we already have a bookstore...

Mark said...

Another hitch is that pretty much all the books in the library would have to not be in the bookstore. Otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose of having a bookstore... I mean of course families would still buy books even if they could get the from the library, but even still. It's a neat idea, however.

Book club sounds good though.

By the way I'm glad that more people are posting and participating on the blog.

Melly Rose said...

I like the book club idea.
Totally agree with you, Mark.
People are starting to own this blog for themselves and encourage one another, and I hope we can keep this up for a while, Lord willing.


Anonymous said...

I suppose we could have a fiction library... a book club sounds cool... great feedback, guys! Thank you! FYI, the reason I wanted to plan before involving the pastors is because I didn't want to present it to them and have them think they'd have to put lots of effort into it if they approved the idea. I didn't want to be a burden to them. Also, since my family hasn't joined the church, I wanted to know if there would be enough support from inside the church to make it feasible, and so that if God ends up calling us elsewhere, it won't be dumped back on the pastors. Make sense? Also, if I were a pastor, I'd give a lot more credence to a well-thought-out plan than a random idea.
Thanks, Cara