Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Youth Camp Experience!

I had a blast at youth camp!
Worship was awesome! The fact that they turned down the lights helped me to not be self-conscious and to just praise God with all my heart.
The messages were very thought provoking. One part of Joe's message that really was a light bulb moment was the point about seeing people with new eyes. I've gotten so used to seeing people at the grocery store and different places and think of them as JUST another person and not a soul. I felt convicted about not seeing people as an opportunity to carry out the gospel mission.
Gene Emerson's message about worldliness was great too! As I am going to be more in the world this coming school year, I will have to really start guarding my heart and mind from worldly influences. To keep myself from slowly accepting the world and to seek to know God even more as the battleground expands and the battles become harder.
All the messages were excellent, and there is still so much to go over and think about.
I met several people from other churches: 4 guys from KingsWay, a girl from Richmond, and others who I don't remember the churches they were from.It was actually easier for me to initiate meeting people as I continued doing it. The more I did it, the easier it became. And the people I met were willing to talk and meet me as well.I had a wonderful time fellowshipping with friends. I can honestly say that after I really experienced what true, biblical fellowship was, I would rather talk about God with fellow believers than chat about the latest and coolest whatever.Sharing what God has done with my brothers and sisters in Christ is sooo much more uplifting and encouraging than talking about stuff.For all who I had fellowship with, thank you for helping me to see that fellowship a wonderful thing to do. And thanks for the encouragement.
The games were fun too. Although, I am VERY sore from 4 games of frisbee, 3 games of foosball, and 2 games of air hockey.I really enjoyed the late nights even though I am now EXTREMELY tired. Lack of sleep made for a great time with all my friends.
So the whole conference is totally unforgettable.

July 6, 2008 5:05 PM


Cara said...

Just curious, Melly... you mentioned Biblical fellowship. How did you/others initiate that? Did you ask about quiet times, or the messages...? Can you remember the specific questions that were asked? I'd like to have a similar experience, but crossing the "mountain" of "what-should-I-say/are-they-really-interested/do-I-know-them-well-enough/am-I-being-presumptious?" (especially the first and third) is difficult, and having ideas (even specific questions) would help. Thanks!

Melly Rose said...

Fellowship got started between my friends and me by asking about the messages. We asked, "What did you think about the message?, Did anything stand out to you?, Were you convicted of anything?"
Those were some of the questions we asked and then we went off of the replies.
We also asked each other about our Bible times.
One thing that was helpful for us was that we shared our feelings and information freely; we didn't wait for the person to ask another question, but brought up anothers point.
I would say to START with your closest friends. However, you should also branch out; when you are asking fellowship-engaging questions, try to observe the other person's response and answers. If their answer is only a "yes" or "no", it might help to know them better or to ask a question that requires a sentence for a response. Like, "What have you been reading in your Bible lately?" or "What situations have you faced recently that have pointed you to God?"
Those are some of my ideas. I hope they help.
Also, whether you just have a minute of fellowship or an hour, God will still bless it.


Emily said...

Ah, very good question, Cara. And thanks for the answer Melly, that was really helpful!