Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Band!

Hey everybody! For anybody who is looking for some really good music, I've found this new band called Worth Dying For. Their lyrics are completely amazing! They just came out with their CD Worth Dying For this check them out!

here are their lyrics to he song "Revolution":
Lord I'll say these words out loud
And from my heart
I love You more than life itself
But that's not all
You're the Savior of my life
You're the One that I lift high
You're the only one who can save this world today
Today will be the day I give it back to You
Today will be the start of a revolution
We are the sound of a revolution
We won't back down, 'til a revolution
Today, today, today, today

Seriously guys, check it out! You can check out the rest of their lyrics HERE.

I also just want to thank you guys for taking ownership of the blog...I don't know if you've noticed but we have almost 50 posts...thats really cool! So thanks so much guys for sharing your thoughts! Keep it up!


Emily said...

I've heard of these guys, but haven't really heard any of their music! I'll definitely look into them!

And, I agree...there are a lot more people taking ownership of this blog than there were when you first started this. I hope everyone continues to post and participate!


Morgan said...

oh ive heard of them too! ive listened to samples of 1 or 2 of their songs on itunes and i like them but i dont have their songs on my ipod. i'll look into them more.

Matt said...

Thanks for posting! I'm always looking for new music...I'll definitely look into them.


Melly Rose said...

The lyrics sound Biblical.
Thanks, Chels. I need to expand in the music arena.
Knowing you, I'm sure their music is great!


Jord@n said...

That song fits perfectly with this blog! Im going to there myspace page right now

Chelsey Miracle said...

haha no problem you guys, i'm glad you liked it and I thought it might help with the vision!