Saturday, July 5, 2008

Post Youth Camp

Well, Youth Camp is over. I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I say that I had an awesome experience. There were so many high points during the time we were there-

AMAZING worship; definitely one of the highlights for me.
Great sermons; one of which (Brault's message, I don't remember his first name) brought about a change in my own heart.
Competitive church-on-church activities; Go Charlotte! We won 2 out of the 4 Adam Campbell shows! Kudos to Emily and Hannah! Besides that, frisbee, soccer, volleyball, etc.
Sweet hangout area; just thought I'd throw that out there, that place was really cool. :)
Deep Face2Face time; I really had a blast discussing the sermons and stuff with my dad.
Hanging out with friends, and meeting new friends; I got to meet a bunch of guys from Richmond and Virgina Beach, and it was really cool hanging out with them.

As I mentioned above, I had a real change of heart during one of the sermons. I had been having struggles with respecting my parents and their decisions, and Mr. Brault's message on honoring your parents really struck me. I thank God that he gave me the grace to go up to the front with my dad to get prayed for.

I want to open some discussion up- Did any of the sermons, or any part of the conference at all, have an effect on any of you guys? What were the highlights for you, etc.

Cyall tomorrow!



Emily said...

Yes, youth camp was awesome! I was glad to see most of you all were there. There were so many awesome experiences...

The worship really was amazing and probably one of my favorite parts as well. I feel like the band did an great job and I love how the Lord really seems to lead each worship time in a different direction.

I loved the hangout and game time as well....The Adam Campbell show was funny!

The Face2Face was really cool and was a very interesting discussion time with my parents.

I got to meet a few folks from other churches as well as get to know people from our own church better.

All the teaching was awesome! There were so many thought provoking questions. I'm not sure if I can pick a favorite. The the speakers were great! I'm going to reread over my notes tonight and post some of my thoughts in the morning. Overall, the conference had a huge effect on me!


Jord@n said...

Fun stuff. I don't see how it could have been much better.

During worship, the rythm guitarist(the blonde guy) really was a great example for me by how he was so focused on God, instead of what others were thinking and still was able to play for hundreds of people. He really is an amazing worshipper.

Ya, hangout time gave me alot of time to hang out with people that I didn't normaly talk and to meet new people from other churches.

I think my parents got a great chance to reach out to me and my brothers during face2face time.

Over all it was purty beastlie.


Anonymous said...

Wait... purty beastlie? What does that mean?
I-forgot-whose message (maybe Mr. Emerson's?) about worldliness convicted me a little-I never considered pride worldly, but pride in schoolwork can be a stumbling block for me.

Melly Rose said...
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Jord@n said...

"Wait... purty beastlie? What does that mean?"

Not really sure....but i think its somewhere around the lines of amazing, awsome ect.