Monday, July 14, 2008

Pray for Erica

Hey everyone. I met this girl named Erica at a concert I went to earlier today and she seems to be pretty on the fence of whether she'll accept christ or not. She's somewhat Jewish but she doesn't really take it seroiusly, so theres a good opportunity for her. Im just asking if ya'll could keep her in your prayers, even though you don't know her. She sais she's gonna start reading her bible but I doubt it. She could use your prayers. I don't really know her that well but if God could work a miracle in me, he could definately work one in her.


p.s. This is my first post.... sooo go easy on me if im not doing this right.


Matt said...

I'll definitely be praying for her.


Hey I'm new too, but I think you're fine.

Emily said...

I'll definitely be praying for her! Are you going to keep contact with her, or was it just an 'one time' encounter?

And, yes, you posted right :)


Chelsey Miracle said...

thanks Jordan! we'll be praying for her! if you have any other contact with her let us know ok!

and thanks for posting!!! great job!


Morgan said...

hey thats awesome that you were able to reach out to her. i'll be praying for her.

Melly Rose said...

You are totally right on there, Jordan. If God can save me, who is the worst sinner I know, then He can certainly save anyone else.
She is definitely added to my prayer list.
Good post, though you could work on spelling. :)


Jord@n said...

I could probably work on my grammar too haha.
Ya, I just added her to my friends on facebook. I met her through Jonathon who's already been reaching out to her but im sure she could use the prayers.

Thanx ya'll!