Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well, guys...its summer!!! It was so cool to come back to the blog and see how many people have been posting since I was last on here (lighting hit our modem and we had no internet for a week). Its so cool to read what you guys are thinking! I just want to encourage you to keep it up! I know we can all slack off during the summer (including myself!!!) So thanks for stepping up to the plate! I don't want you guys to rely only on Mark or I to post just because we are the "admins". This is your blog too! So thanks for taking ownership!!!

Questions for Discussion or Reflection: Chapter 3
1) Have you ever visited a zoo, seen beautiful and powerful animals caged by glass or bars, and felt that something was terribly wrong? If so, talk about it. Why do you think some teens might identify with a wild but caged bird or animal?
2) Do you think that harmless-sounding lies about the teen years could be holding back both you and other teens you know? Talk about it.
3) What was your reaction to the stories of George, David, and Clarissa (pages 31-32)? Have you ever thought you could accomplish a lot more than you are now?
4) What do your parents expect you to do at home in an average week? Do you deliver? Be honest. How much time and effort does it take to do what’s asked of you? Do you think your parents require too much or too little?
5) Have you ever found yourself behaving very differently—and accomplishing a lot more—simply because someone expected you to? Describe the experience.