Monday, July 7, 2008

Youth Camp 2008

I'm not sure Youth Camp could have been any better! It was such an amazing experience and I think that God really met us there. It was kind-of a bitter-sweet weekend since Youth Camp was my last Youth Group function but with that aside, this weekend was spectacular!

Worship was truly wonderful and I loved how each night there seemed to be a common theme running through the songs. One word that was brought at the prophesy mic really affected me. The lady was talking about "taste and see" and God wants us to come to the table and eat...but not the leftovers, we can't come to the table and eat the leftovers because our parents were there, or our siblings were there, or our friends were there...we have to come and eat for ourselves because God doesn't serve leftovers. That was just such an amazing picture and so powerful.
The last night when Mr. Connolly had all the teens come up to pray and worship was really amazing. It was so cool because it seemed like it was just us singing...the sound of several hundred teenagers singing praises to God was just powerful (and I know I'm using these words over and over but I can't seem to find any others lol!) In a world where teenagers are looked down upon because of our seemed like we were joining together for one purpose and it just really was powerful.
The messages were really good...several of them really convicted me, especially Joe's message, I'd heard a lot of that before about seeing people with an eternal perspective but just thinking about what I want to do with my life now...I need to find something that is WORTH my life and yet, if I have God, I've already found it! So that was encouraging. I was really happy that Mr. Connolly addressed salvation first and foremost, that was really important and I pray that it was heard by many people. Mr. Brrault's message on honoring God and your parents was especially convicting. I haven't always been faithful with the little things like washing the dishes or cleaning my room and so God gave me the grace to go up and be prayed for by Mr. Morrison. And Mr. Emerson's message on worldiness was so very important in all stages of life, especially the teen years...So all in all I really think that God met us there and many lives were affected by the worship and teaching that took place.
I had a great time hanging out with friends, meeting new people, I met 4 girls and 4 guys all from different parts of Virginia but don't ask me what parts because I totally forgot lol! So that was fun, I also really enjoyed my roomie (Becca) and hanging out until all hours of the night at the coffee shop/game area. I'm going to miss that place!!!
I hope you guys had a similar experience! I'm going to miss you guys at youth group!


Cara said...

The part about joining together as teenagers made me think of an advertisement for an "evangelism pack"/See You At the Pole: "The world is in crisis. What if millions of youth took matters into their own hands and rose early in the morning all over the world to gather and pray for their country and [those] who need to know Jesus?... So, parents, pastors, and teachers... support your youth as they turn the world upside down for Jesus."

Morgan said...


so i had an amazing time! God really spoke to me @ youth camp. the message on honoring your parents really made a change in my life, thats someting i think our whole family has been struggling with, especially me. jess and chad and i went up for prayer. we had some great face2face times too. my alltime fave part was the worship though. like someone said earlier, i liked the fact that the lights were off so i could just kinda loose myself in worship. i love that song "All because of Jesus"!!! the worship team was awesome, you could tell it was all about glorifying God for them, they werent focusing on themselves at all.

game time was pretty sweet, that hangout area downstairs was awesome. i had fun playing DDR even though i stunk at it, lol oh well it was fun. volleyball was great too, i met a lot of people from VA there and we had fun playing. i think my favorite part was joes message. i had never really thought about people as souls before, just as just another person. and that story he told about his brother really struck me too; you never know when youll die, when your day is.

so ya, it was a really powerfull time.

and i have drivers ed this week, and im not enjoying it at all, so please pray! :)