Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympic/Biblical musings

Last night, my mom and I were talking about how the Olympics parallel our spiritual lives and we came up with a few things I thought might interest you all:
~It's easier to start strong than to have the endurance to finish strong
~Starting behind (like Phelps in butterfly) does not necessarily mean finishing last: finishing well, like Paul did, is important. "use your last strength on your last spent in His service" (paraphrase of somebody :-) )
~"Hating" father/mother/brother etc: what do you consider most important? Jesus (Olympic sports) or family? Many (synchronized divers especially) had to leave family and friends in pursuit of excellence in their sport. Are we willing to sacrifice for a greater cause?

Now, this thought is not "on topic," but I thought it was neat that the message this morning was on justice, and I've been musing, or perhaps marveling would be a better word, on how God became "both just and justifier" (Romans ?). An easy to pass over phrase, yet it is amazing if you think about it for long enough.


Morgan said...

~It's easier to start strong than to have the endurance to finish strong

hey thats an awesome point! and thats something interesting to think about, how the olympics parallel with our spiritual lives! very cool.
i didn't hear the message cause we just got back from vacation just now, but i will get a copy of it for sure.

btw, im a huge m. phelps fan!!!!!that was amazing when he won by 1 100th of a second!!! sorry that was wayyy offtopic but i cant help it...

Matt said...

hmm that's a great way to look at it. I've never thought of it in that sense before.

Melly Rose said...

That's a new thought there, Cara.
I was astonished at the kind of training some of the Chinese athletes went through, like this one gymnast who only saw her parents once a year.
Getting that gold wouldn't be that worth it to me, but the eternal crown sure is!


Emily said...

That's a really neat way to think about it! "It's easier to start strong than to have the endurance to finish strong"
That's for true for sure! It's very easy to get all excited about something, but to actually follow through and stick with it until the end is a whole other story!

Morgan, I'm a huge Michael Phelps fan as well, lol!