Monday, September 15, 2008

Youth Group Question

Hey I know this is a little late, but I thought I would put the 3rd face-to-face question up for discussion. I was kinda surprised that they put a question this deep on the list, and I'm curious what answers you all came up with. Anyways-

Why is it important to understand sin in order to understand why belief not behavior is the essence of being a christian?


Melly Rose said...

That is certainly a deep question! I wasn't there at Quest222, or else I wouldn't have to think so long about the answer.
Well, my guess would be that sin is ingrained into the physical and spiritual aspects of our being because of the Fall. Sin is not just behavior; it is a state of being. Since believing that Christ has taken away our sins by bearing the punishment for sin on the cross and thereby destroying the power of sin in our lives, we don't become a Christian through behavior.
Sin is a terrible part of our being which affects our behaviors greatly, but the solution for sin must not only affect behavior but also core of the problem. Christ attacked the core of the problem and those of us who have accepted Him as our Lord and Savior have new spiritual natures. We are new creations. We have been transformed from the inside and that, by God's grace, will transform the outside - behavior. Unfortunately, we will still see the physical aspect of sin played out in our lives and in this world, but the physical is not what counts. We live now with eternal perspectives and for the perfect, glorious kingdom awaiting us after this world.
Sorry if I'm totally way off the answer. Please correct and inform me of what Mr. Connolly taught on and the real answer to the question. :)


Cara said...

Melly Rose, you're on the right track. Behavior is our problem-how can it also be our solution? In the "real world," the problem is never the solution-why should it be here?