Sunday, October 12, 2008

God the Rock

I've started studying names/attributes of God in my Bible study, then writing poems about them. This one is based on the three definitions of rock: stronghold/firm foundation, to move rhythmically back and forth, and cause of coming danger. I thought you might be interested... (I'm beginning with my title, then key verse, then the poem itself).

O God my Rock
Isaiah 8:14a - He will be a sanctuary, but [also] a stone of stumbling and rock of offense.

Solid Rock on Whom I stand
All other ground is shifting sand

Never changing, always steady
Trustworthy I know and see
Refuge in the time of storm
Cleft in (the) rock that keeps me warm
Firm through all life's turmoils, strong
A place to be and to belong

Gentle Father rocks to sleep
Baby in the cradle deep
God the Father, One in Three
Using love to quiet me?
Loving One with tender care
Watches o'er His loved ones there

Impending danger! Watch! It's near!
Closer! Closer! Coming here!
God's wrath is wondrous to behold
Righteous, coming, crushing (the) bold
And all who dare to defy God
Above, or here on earthly sod

Solid Rock on Whom I stand
All other ground is shifting sand


Emily said...

Great Cara!

Cara said...

Do you like my new picture?