Friday, October 10, 2008

Prayer Request

Hey guys, I've got a prayer request for yall.

Today at work (I work at the Concord Mills Chick-Fil-A), right before we opened at around 6:30 in the morning, one of my coworkers, whose name is Leigh, fell off of a shelf in our cooler onto the cement floor. The shelf she fell off was about 3 feet high, and as she fell she hit into another low shelf. She broke both her shoulder and elbow in her left arm.

She was in surgery at around 8 this morning. If you all would be able to pray for her quick recovery and that she would not be in much pain during her recovery period, which will most likely be a few months.

Thanks guys.



Matt said...

whoa! It hurts just to read that. I'll definitely pray.

Morgan said...

oh wow that sounds painful! i'll be praying!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know. I'll be praying for her.

Emily said...

OW! Yeah, I'll definietly be praying for her!

Emily said...

do you know how the surgery went?

Mark said...

Well, I don't know the specifics, but I do know that she left the hospital and returned home today; therefore I would assume that everything went well. I also found out today that she broke her wrist in her left arm as well.

She is going to have a pretty lengthy recovery period, though. Again, thanks for your prayers.