Monday, December 15, 2008

Prayer Update:Findlay

Findlay stopped by Chick-fil-A tonight to give all of us some relief! He's doing fine, has a headache and a cracked rib but other than that no injuries. Praise God! I really think God is after Findlay's salvation at this point because a few days before his accident he and I were talking apologetics (Thank you Mr. Detwiler!!!) and he's got some quirky thinking which I managed to straighten some of it out to the point he's willing to listen to some messages. It is really a miracle that he is out and about walking and such...the doctors actually told his parents they weren't sure he was going to live through that first night. So pray for Findlay's continued healing and most importantly his salvation. Thanks guys!!!! You're prayer warriors!


Anonymous said...

That's great! What kind of apologetics were you talking about?

Mark said...

Awesome, glad to hear he turned out all right. And that's awesome that you are able to be reaching out to him.


hannah said...

Way to go Chelsey

Melly Rose said...

Sorry, I'm kind of late on this. But I'm glad he's doing better and definitely praying for his salvation. Keep it up, Chelsey. Don't forget to update us about what God may be doing in his life.


Emily said...

I'm so glad!