Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today's message

Yey! I actually get to post and not just comment after a great message :-)! A few thoughts...
~Wow! Mr. Lechner really likes reading :-). (So do I!)
~I need to remember to ask God that the "eyes of my understanding may be opened" on a frequent/daily basis. I often forget.
~God's revelation of Himself is staggering!
~Although we should all be reading good theology, also never underestimate the power of fiction, and, especially biography written in a compelling, descriptive way (what I call the "fictive method"). There is artistry in fiction that can be deeply compelling and encouraging. It is a powerful medium for good and even for learning important truths as well as nonfiction!
~Given that, I would love to see lists from people of some of their favorite fiction and nonfiction books, specifically ones that help them in their walk with Christ. To start us off, here's my lists:
(and I have all of these...maybe if we're inspired we can use these book lists to start that book club we talked about awhile ago...?)
Nonfiction (no particular order-sorry for the long list)
Knowing God (J. I. Packer)
Passion and Purity (Elisabeth Elliot) (yes, this is from a girl's perspective, but I think it's good for guys too)
Desiring God (John Piper)
L'Abri (Edith Schaeffer) (This is one of the "fictive" ones I was talking about above).
The "Case For"s series (Lee Strobel)
Stepping Heavenward (Elizabeth Prentiss)
The Legacy of Soveriegn Joy (John Piper)
And last but not least God Called a Girl (Shannon Kubiak)
Fiction (Authors)
Frank Peretti (he helped me in my walk, the rest are just fun & inspiring so far, in terms of their fiction)
C. S. Lewis
J.R.R. Tolkien


Morgan said...

one that i really liked was Worldliness and i think it was by C.J. Mahaney.

Melly Rose said...

I'd like to get that book, Morgan. I heard it's really good.