Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What an awesome year.

Wow. It's Christmas Eve. This year flew by so fast, it's still hard for me to believe that tomorrow is Christmas and in 8 days it will be the year 2009.

This was such an awesome year though. I have been blessed in so many ways I can't possibly list them all. But in an effort to show how amazing God is and how merciful his grace is, I can at least name a few :) 

-My older older sister got engaged.
-My younger older sister graduated college.
-I went to Hawaii.
-I made more friends than I could of possibly thought. Seriously, I can't list all of my friends even if I had hours to do it. 

And on top of all these things, I look forward to God's continued mercy and grace in 2009, with the following being some of the most anticipated things.

-I graduate high school
-I pay off my car
-My older older sister gets married
-My younger older sister goes to Great Britain

And now back to the main reason for my post today, and in fact, the main reason for everything. 

Jesus Christ. The only person in the history of eternity who could act as substitute for our sins. The only son of God. 

And tomorrow we get to celebrate his life and death.
Tomorrow we get to express our love for each other by exchanging gifts.
Tomorrow we remember the cross and the one who saved us from hell.
Tomorrow we praise God.
Today we praise God.

Our God is so great, his mercy is so boundless, his grace so entirely sufficient. Praise the Lord.

Well, since I can't guarantee that I will get on this blog tomorrow, I want to take this opportunity to say something-




Melly Rose said...

I totally agree with you, Mark.
God's definitely been faithful to me and my family this year.
I too look forward to 2009 and what God has in store for all of us.
Thanks for reminding us of God's blessings and kindnesses.


Cara said...

Indeedy :-)