Friday, January 9, 2009

Resolutions has everyone's week gone? Like I said I was going to, I'm posting to see how everyone has been with their resolutions? I have been praying for every one of you.

I know everyone had some different resolutions, but over all, a big common one seemed to be wiser use of our(or, more actually, God's time) and more Biblical fellowship and deeper relationships with out friends. How has everyone done in these areas? How have you done with your personal resolutions?

I know for myself, I have still really been challenged in using my time wisely, however, I am making small improvements.


Mark said...

For me-

1- I have so far read my Bible every day, so that's going good.

2-For continuing to grow in my walk with the Lord, this week I had a struggle one on particular day that put me in a pretty sour mood for most of the day, but that evening, through lots of prayer and reading the Bible, I was able to realize how silly my issue was and that God had a greater plan for my life, outside of my little attempts to be in control. Hope that made sense :)

3- As for investing more in friends, that is still a work in progress, and it always will be. But I am definitely trying to engage in more meaningful conversation.

And thats it so far.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following up with this, Emily.
I had a set back on Thursday as I was sick, so I basically slept all day, but I have made some progress.

After your post about resolutions, I went ahead and made ten personal resolutions. These ten were specific ways I wanted to use my time more wisely. Having actual specific plans for change has really helped me.
One other cool thing is that I know I did not think of the idea of specific resolutions myself - somehow it was very obvious to me that God changed the attitude of my heart to want to use my time for him rather than be lazy. It's still a struggle, but the desire is there and it was definitely not of my own doing!