Saturday, January 24, 2009


Sorry that I'm a day late, guys! I have an absolutely busy day yesterday and never got a chance to get online to post this.

Well, how has everyone done this week? Any particular prayer requests or struggles?

This week has been really challenging for me. I don't feel like I've been a very wise steward of God's time this week. I've been very consumed with school and what I feel like doing have haven't spent very much time reading my Bible =( Well, today I feel pretty great because I spent a few hours studying God's word with my amazing friend and I've had some awesome fellowship. But I just feel like other than that, I haven't done terribly well this week. I think it's because I have leaned on my own strength, without even knowing it. So, continue to pray for me, that this coming week I'll keep my focus on God and what really matters.

Love you all!


Matt said...

I totally feel you. I'm praying.

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you, Emily. Just be reminded that God doesn't love you any the less - He's still right there waiting to help you.

It might sound a little weird, but I would suggest fasting a meal. I had been trusting in my own strength and I fasted a meal and being hungry reminded me that I am weak and I shouldn't be putting my trust in myself, but in God whose "strength is made perfect in our weakness."


Melly Rose said...

I pray for all of us every night.
Haven't done so well this week. My mom is helping me get a schedule going so I can keep on top of what I need to do. I apparently still need my mom (hahaha)!

Morgan said...

aw emily i will be praying for you!!

i had a great week! i was watching Facing the Giants the other day and was really inspired and convicted about trusting in God and praising Him through everything in my life! my week has just been so good and God has really been working in my life. So thats something to praise Him for!

Mark said...

Pretty much the biggest thing I can say is- School has hit me hard.

1. Not doing so great. It's been really hard for me to remember to read my Bible, with all of my school and other stuff that needs to get done.
2. Again, it's been a crazy couple weeks, but God has helped me get through them fairly well. I'm praying for his continued grace and strength for me.
3. I've actually had a really good week in regards to this. I got to hang out and invest in friends frequently. I'm still working on creating deeper relationships with all my friends.

Emily Joy said...

Thanks guys. Love you all. I'll still be praying for everyone of you!!

Cara said...

I was feeling very weary this afternoon despite having several great times with God this week-I was tired physically and it just seemed like being with God wasn't affecting my day (I still got discouraged, forgot God, sinned, what have you). Well, this afternoon I was about to write a note of encouragement to a friend of mine who is in the hospital, and I was looking for an appropriate verse. Instead, God gave me a song and a dance to go with it (all of you who don't worship dance: it is such an encouragement and means of fellowship with God!) and I was refreshed. PTL!
However, I'm sort of back in the old rut again, so reading your post especially was encouraging, Mee. My question is this: you are in the moment of temptation. How do you "put your trust in God" at that moment? How do you call upon His strength?
Thanks for your ideas and sorry for the long comment :-).

Anonymous said...

Well, Cara, I think one way is to remember his past acts of faithfulness and reminding ourselves of the promise that he made that he is 'with us always, even to the very end of the age.'

Also, it's been helpful to have a short scripture or just a phrase to think back on frequently during the day to remind myself who's in control.
One that was helpful for me recently is 'from whence does my help come? my help comes from the LORD.' - not me, not food, not Home Depot (you know, "you can do it, we can help" -sorry if that's corny). Another scripture that comes to mind is 'The LORD is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in times of trouble.'

Hope that helps!