Friday, January 30, 2009 was this week?

How did your week go everyone? How are you coming on those goals and resolutions?

This week has been tons better for me than last week. I have been so motivated to do more and God has blessed me with a very happy mood all week =) Well, I still have had some struggles, but it just feels good to improve a bit.

I've been praying for all of you! Love you guys!


Mark said...

Wow. This week absolutely flew by. But I'm totally fine with the school year flying by. Anyways.

1. I've definitely improved from last week, I think there was just one day this week I forgot to read my Bible because I had a whole bunch of early morning things to do, and I didn't remember to later on,
2. God has definitely helped me get through this week in spectacular fashion. I never really had a "bad" day this week, praise God. :)
3. So this is probably my weakest area. I hardly saw any of my friends this week. This weekend though, that is going to change.


Anonymous said...

This past week started off just ok, but these last 2-3 days have been a lot better.

However, I know I am still falling short of my potential. Would you all mind sharing your different scheduling techniques so that I can grow in this area?


Emily Joy said...

I know when there are things that I don't want to do, it's best for me to just do it first. Because if I tell myself to do it later, it WON'T get done.

Great Mark!

I know what you mean mee. But, you are improving. So that s great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Emily. That's helpful.........I wish I had read that last night - I probably would not have slept in so late! =)

Cara said...

Yes, I definitely do "hard" things :-) (that I don't like to do) first-then the rest of your day looks rosy in comparison! (For me, that would be math, civics, and occasionally science). Also, I always (when I remember :-) ) set a timer on things. I also number my "things to do" in the order I want to do them in and set a goal of what I can get done before lunch. I rarely achieve it :-), but I do set it, so I have a good marker. Also, I always always "do" devotions first, before or right after breakfast. Ok, so that was a really long answer to a short question... sorry. However, I would like to hear everyone else's tips. If I could streamline my day I would!

Emily Joy said...

I sometimes set a timer on my subjects too. That way, it keeps my mind on 'oh, I only have 5 minutes left, let me try and reach my goal!' Instead of: 'this is getting boring....maybe I'll take a break.'

I'm really good at pushing things off. So, I do all I can to not do that.

Another thing that I have recently realized is that /how/ and /where/ I do school. Like, I have found that the more I do school on the computer, the more I'm distracted and tempted to 'just check email' or something like that. So, to try and fix that, I got a chemistry book that I can bring to my room to work on and be far from the computer. That's just one example.

Also, if you're having trouble with a particular subject, there may be other ways you can do it. For example. In my history/literature I have one writing assignment each week. I was struggling with being able to concentrate and actually being interested and wanted to learn about something that I'm not really interested in. Well, I realized that the curriculum I was doing, they give you a different option to study a particular country throughout the school year and write about that. To me, that was much more interesting and exciting and I actually look forward to writing.

I know that's only school related, but I hope that helps. Of course, God is always the answer to our problems and we can do anything through Him who gives us strength!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas - I'm going to try the timer. =)