Monday, March 23, 2009

AHHH...I'm sorry!

AHHH...I'm sorry! Please forgive me. I was sick part of this past week and it just threw me off. And, it totally slipped my mind.

Anyhow, how was your week last week? What were your struggles? Or actually, how did you feel strengthened by Christ? Where you dependent on Him and His strength?

This past week I have felt really encouraged....for a few reasons. A month or two ago, our family started doing a weekly 'Bible study' and that has been awesome. Besides church, it's the highlight of my week. It is almost like a 'mid-week refresher'. Because of that and the accountability that comes along with that, I feel like I've been much more encouraged in all of my struggles. Anyhow, I have been much more diligent with my Bible reading. I will not allow myself to go to bed each night until I have read my Bible and had some time with the I feel like I am really growing in my walk with the Lord there. Also, I can't really say how I've been with school because our family had the flu most of the week, so we didn't really have a 'normal school week'. But, I think in some cases I was wise with my time and others maybe not so much....

Have an awesome week. Stay strong,


Anonymous said...

That's alright. We'll just say you called in sick. =)
This past week I have noticed God giving me a stronger hatred for my laziness and time-wasting habits. God has been so kind in pointing things out to me through family and in my quiet times and in church - it's been awesome!!!
I'd have to agree with you, that I've been better over all, but there are definitely still some areas that are slacking. But God's grace is still there to help me with those! Sin, prepare to meet your death. Mwoooo-ha-ha!!!

Keep moving forward!!

Mark said...

I have been struggling in my Calculus class, and I had a test last week. I had been dealing with a lot of anxiety over my college classes, but Calc in particular, and I really needed a confidence boost.

I got my test score back on Thursday, and found that I had scored an 86! That was HUGE for me, and in that moment I realized that I had been placing all my faith in my own works and that was why I was being anxious, because I cannot get by on my own works. It gave me a huge confidence boost that got me through the rest of the week, and also realigned my thinking as far as faith goes.

So that was awesome. Praise God!


Emily Joy said...

That is great mee!

And Mark, that is awesome too. I know how it can be with tests...I have struggled with that a lot in chemistry. I'm so glad you were encouraged =)

Melly Rose said...

That's awesome, Mark! Yeah, I was pretty thrilled to stay in the 80's with my Precalculus algebra class last semester.
My is okay, I guess. I have been more on top of things.
I really need to grow in not being distracted while I'm reading my Bible. If only we didn't have a dog! JK!