Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hi my friends!

How did you week go? I feel like this question is getting cliche, but there really is no other way to ask it without addressing you personally. Oh, maybe I'll do that!

Alright, so Mee, I will start with you. How have you done with your time management? Do you feel like you've made good use of it? And have you been leaning on God to help give you the strength you need?

Mark, I haven't heard from you in a few weeks. I'm assuming you're quite busy with work and school. How have done with reading your Bible everyday? How do you feel like you've done in growing in your walk with the Lord? Have you been investing in your friends like you would like to?

Melly. Do you feel like you're still deepening your walk with the Lord? How have you done this week with your time management? Have you been wise with God's time? Have you been working towards more Biblical fellowship with your friends and Christ-centered discussion?

Cara...I don't believe that you ever defined a particular resolution or goal for this year. But you have been faithful to post! Are there any particular things that I can be praying about for you? Or do you have any thing you'd like to share about how your week has been?

I believe that's all of you that have been posting. Also, I'm continuing to pray for you, Chelsey and everyone else getting ready to go to Rekindle! And Melly, still praying for your dad's job situation! Any other general prayer requests?

Oh, I almost forgot to let you all know how my week has been. I've been faithful to spend time reading my Bible daily, which I believe has greatly encouraged me this week. Time management wise, this is still a struggle for me. I have had a very busy week, so I've had trouble getting all my school done. But, yes, I still have not always been wise with my time, unfortunately. =/

Love each of you. Stay strong!


Anonymous said...

First off, let me say THANK YOU for being so faithful to post and keep us accountable. It's so obvious that you care and not just sayin' "how are you doing?" when you ask. =)

Well, I wouldn't say I've done spectacular, but I've definitely seen growth. I've noticed that I've developed a habit of asking myself if there's a way to make better use of the time or if this is the best thing to be doing right now. Even little things like putting the toast in the toaster and then getting out other food while I wait for the toast to finish instead of staring at the toast or eating my snack while I read my science chapter. (yeah, I like my food)
Yes, I have been leaning on God, but not quite so much as I should.

Mark said...

I am so glad spring break is here. Like, SO GLAD.

I have, on the whole, been reading my Bible every day. By that I mean that I think there have probably been days here and there where I forgot, just because I was completely busy the entire day.

My walk with the Lord has come so far since just a few weeks ago. Every day I am able to relish in his grace and mercy shown to me. I have a fresh attitude towards so many things now. Praise God.

I really am struggling to be able to invest more in my friends. I am really only able to hang out on Saturdays and Sundays, and even then it can be hard. I'm looking forward to spring break this week though, I hope I get to spend a ton of time with friends.


Emily Joy said... are welcome! I'm glad it has been helpful =)

That's really good. Small things make way to big things....and those small things add up to make a big difference =) I'll particularly be praying that you'll continue to do well with your time, but to lean on God always!

Mark, haha, yes, I'm sure! That's incredible, Mark. I'm so glad, praise God!!

I can understand the struggle here. I feel the same way sometimes. At least you are striving to do so, rather than avoiding it. I'll be praying that God will help you find time to grow in your relationships with all your friends and that He will use your spring break in amazing ways!!


Melly Rose said...

Thanks, Emily.
I would say I'm spending my time more wisely since the beginning of the year. With so many things happening right now, it's forced me to do the things that take priority.
I need to fellowship with friends more, though. If my family didn't have such a financial time right now, I would love to get together with friends just to fellowship. Hopefully I can start doing this soon!