Friday, March 27, 2009

Hi my friends!

This is going to be quick today, as I got to get off in just a minute. But, I wanted to check in and see how everyone's week went? I realize it's only been about 4 days since the last post though. What ways can we be praying for you?

I feel just about the same as I did last time I posted. Over all, I feel like it went pretty well, but there were still some struggles with using my time wisely. I'm starting to get frustrated with myself since I keep haven't the same 'update' in this area every week. I'm always doing 'ok', but I don't want it to be that way. It's a sin I want to kill, but I don't want to take the steps to kill it. So please pray that I can really change this bad habit with God's help over the coming weeks...and that next time, there really will be a change!

Hopefully I'll see all of you tonight :-)


Mark said...

Well for me, not a lot has changed. I'm staying alive with my full load of school, work, etc. God's really been giving me the strength to get through this school year, which has definitely been the hardest semester for me yet. Anyways, I guess prayer for continued perseverance would be great :)