Friday, April 24, 2009

This week

I'm going to suggest that everyone refer to last week's post and reply to what I said there. Just because no one has replied this week...except for Melly that replied today :-)

Oh, and for a quick update for myself. Since I got a job this week, my life has really pick up it's pace...and I thought I was busy before hand!! Well, being busy doesn't allow me time to get off track, so it actually is rather helpful to me. And I've been really encouraged this week and it's been awesome to me how I've been so captivated by God. Like really, He has totally consumed my mind recently and that is such an exciting feeling.

Love you all,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hey everyone!

How did your week go? I've been praying for all of you, but I apologize for not commenting/replying after some of you commented over the past few weeks. It's just one of those things that I read, but then don't get a chance to reply the moment I read it and then I end up forgetting to reply later on. Anyways, sorry about that.

How have you been encouraged this week? Did Mr. Connelly's message on Easter Sunday effect you at all over this week? I found it to be a great reminder of all the joy I should have about God and all the good things He has done for me. And, I guess it's really been an encouragement to always look for joy and pursue it, rather then waiting for something to happen that makes me 'happy' for a moment(that isn't really true joy). You may be wondering what this has to do with doing hard things and our 'resolutions'. But here is how I think of it. If we have joy about what God HAS done and about what we know He WILL do, then it will have a ripple effect and effect us in every area of life. Make sense? :-)

Anyhow, please share how I can pray for you this week!

My week was different. I didn't have any school this week because of spring break, but I feel like I really, really needed that and I'm really ready now to take on another week of school. I feel very refreshed, as I have spent a lot of my break doing thing outside and active rather than wasting my time on the computer. And, after taking a computer fast, I really feel encouraged about that. All this said, with everything that I have done differently this week and because I've been quite busy, even though I'm on break, I didn't get a chance to do a few school related things I was hoping to get done this week. So please pray I can get caught up on that, but also pray that I continue to feel refreshed and encouraged as I go back 'to school' this coming week, and am reminded of all the joy I have in Christ =)

Love you all,

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank you!

Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you again for being so faithful! This blog has come a really long way from when we started. I was thinking about when my caregroup challenged me to start it and invite all the teens at church who were either at the conference or involved with the Rebelution in any way to come and post their thoughts, Do Hard Things stories and favorite "dead people" to the is such an evidence of God's grace to have so many of you involved and how much we've grown together! From time to time its always good to go back and review DO HARD THINGS together, I know that for me at least, right now the concepts of that book are exactly what I need to get me through this time of keep growing together and praying together! Love you guys!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I didn't forget!

It's still Saturday ;-) So are you doing? I'm going to copy and paste part of a post for several weeks ago:

So have you done with your time management? Do you feel like you've made good use of it? And have you been leaning on God to help give you the strength you need?

Mark, how have done with reading your Bible everyday? Do you feel like you've been growing in your walk with the Lord? Have you been investing in your friends like you would like to? Do you feel like you're able to keep up with everything, even when you're busy?

Melly. I haven't heard from you in a few weeks....Do you feel like you're still deepening your walk with the Lord? How have you done this week with your time management? Have you been wise with God's time? Have you been working towards more Biblical fellowship with your friends and Christ-centered discussion?

Cara...Are there any particular things that I can be praying about for you? Or do you have any thing you'd like to share about how your week has been?

Hm...well, about myself, I'm about the same as last week. Still growing in my time management. I'm really looking forward to my spring break this coming week. I have realized the past month or two that the computer is a big distraction in my life and has really been not helping me and has not been a very fruitful use of time for me. These past few weeks, I've been trying to spend less time on the computer and more time doing something working on school or reading my Bible. This week, I'm going to fast from the computer for a day. It's really impossible for me to do during a school week, as I have a lot of school on the comp., so this will be a good opportunity. I hope that will help me realize how much more I could be doing everyday and hopefully remind me that I don't really need the computer :-)

Love you all. He is Risen! =D

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hey guys, just wanted to encourage you to continue in the Lord in the next few years, I've been trying to lay low for a bit to see if you guys would continue to post and keep one another accountable and a great thanks to all of you who have been involved! Emily, thank you for asking each week about everyone and how they've been doing spiritually, its been a real encouragement to see this every week! Thanks for praying for me and the M28 people, we had a great time, I think 4 people got saved at Rekindle or because of Rekindle and 5 people were baptized. Our time there was filled with amazing worship, great Gospel centered messages, ton of fun and amazing friends...thanks again for praying! Love you guys! Keep loving God and each other!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hey Friends! How did your week go? How did you feel God's grace this week? What was a struggle for you?

For myself, if I did nothing else well, I have at least been consistent in reading my Bible every single day. But, I am so happy to say that something has changed and I don't have the same report as every other week. For the past few months, I have really been struggling in a particular area of school, where I was constantly procrastinating and avoiding it. This week, by the grace of God, He finally broke me and I was finally truthful with myself. It's amazing how much more free I feel when I no longer feel the weight of that. Anyhow, I of course will always have struggles, but I was very, very encouraged by that. And not until right now(as I'm typing this) have I realized that my prayer request was answered from last week. So, I thank you all so much for your prayers!

Please tell me how I can be praying for you this week. I really want to hear from you all, but even if none of you reply, I'll keep posting weekly and praying for you all =]

Love you all,