Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hey everyone!

How did your week go? I've been praying for all of you, but I apologize for not commenting/replying after some of you commented over the past few weeks. It's just one of those things that I read, but then don't get a chance to reply the moment I read it and then I end up forgetting to reply later on. Anyways, sorry about that.

How have you been encouraged this week? Did Mr. Connelly's message on Easter Sunday effect you at all over this week? I found it to be a great reminder of all the joy I should have about God and all the good things He has done for me. And, I guess it's really been an encouragement to always look for joy and pursue it, rather then waiting for something to happen that makes me 'happy' for a moment(that isn't really true joy). You may be wondering what this has to do with doing hard things and our 'resolutions'. But here is how I think of it. If we have joy about what God HAS done and about what we know He WILL do, then it will have a ripple effect and effect us in every area of life. Make sense? :-)

Anyhow, please share how I can pray for you this week!

My week was different. I didn't have any school this week because of spring break, but I feel like I really, really needed that and I'm really ready now to take on another week of school. I feel very refreshed, as I have spent a lot of my break doing thing outside and active rather than wasting my time on the computer. And, after taking a computer fast, I really feel encouraged about that. All this said, with everything that I have done differently this week and because I've been quite busy, even though I'm on break, I didn't get a chance to do a few school related things I was hoping to get done this week. So please pray I can get caught up on that, but also pray that I continue to feel refreshed and encouraged as I go back 'to school' this coming week, and am reminded of all the joy I have in Christ =)

Love you all,


Melly Rose said...

Wow! I am so sorry, Emily.
I just checked the blog today after weeks of forgetting.
I've been busy with UNCC preparation and graduation plans and a job now!
It's been going well for me. I'm doing well with time management and getting things done as quickly as possible.
I've not had much time to fellowship with my friends, but I will definitely pursue when I can.
My walk with God is not bad, but I've realized my tendency to get distracted.
Thanks for the continual accountability, Emily.
I will try to remember to check the blog more oftem.

I'm amazed that LocalRebelutionaries is still going. It's been a year! Woot, woot!
Thank the Lord! :)