Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hey everyone!

Wow, yesterday was a special day for a few of you. Congrats Mark, Kasey and Melly =D

How's everyone doing with their resolutions? How can we all be praying for you? Does anyone feel like they're not being held accountable enough?


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hey everyone! How can I be praying for you this week?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

God's Generousity and Kindness

I thought this story might encourage you all.

As I looked into college at UNCC, I knew that tuition was higher than I could work for to save up in such a short amount of time. My mom and I filled out financial aid papers. The amount of money one gets from FAFSA is dependent upon one's parents' income. Since my parents weren't sure the final tax returns, they thought I wouldn't get as much as we hoped. However, GOD has provided ALL the money needed this first year of school at UNCC!! In fact, He not only provided the minimum amount, but He has also given me more that I can put towards next year! I was worried about how I would be able to pay for college, but God has shown me He's got everything planned out!
So if there is something you need provision for, just trust God that He will provide in His time because He always will!
I'm so thankful that we have such an awesome God! Praise Him!

Deus semper fidelis,

So, friends, how was your week? I realize that more than half of the Local Rebelutionary posters are either about to graduate or already have. Let me encourage you in something. Earlier this year, Chelsey was saying how she doesn't post a lot because she wants to see the high schoolers posting and would like to see the seniors hand it down to the younger teens. Well, here's what I wanted to say about that.....

This whole 'Rebelution' doesn't stop when you graduate. I think it's a life long mindset, but also, even if it was just for teens, we all are still teens. And some of our elders will still have low expectations for us. All I'm saying is that, I think it's just as much for college students as it is for high schoolers and if all you graduates leave the blog, not many people will be left. Please don't not post because you don't think this is for you anymore.

I'm not trying to say college life isn't different. I know it is. I know a lot of you all are entering into a different stage of life. But, maybe instead of 'laying low' you could take this as an opportunity to be an example to younger teens and take on a leadership role here. In encourging and possibly even sharing your wisdom with us, as older more experienced teens :-)

Anyhow, all that said, how's everyone doing? I feel like this is a busy time for most, with finals and trying to finish up school. Then graduations and work. And of course life in general. I'm going to be praying for everyone in this regard this week. But, is there any specific ways I can be praying for you all? Also, how's everyone doing with their resolutions?

Love you all!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay in posting....let's just say it's been a busy week :)

How have your weeks been? How can we be praying for you this week? What have been your struggles and how have you been encouraged this past week?

Um, I don't have much of an week has been the same as last week. I've just been so busy with work and school. I'm very ready for summer :) But anyhow, I guess you all could pray for peace and persistence while I try to finish up for the summer :)

See you in the morning!