Thursday, June 4, 2009

Making use of this summer

Recently I have really been thinking of how I can make best use of my summer. I really want to accomplish something this summer. So, after much thought, I think I have come up with something that would really help me grow. I want to read as many theological books as I can to challenge me, strengthen my faith and deepen my knowledge. I also want to focus more and devote more time to studying my Bible.

So, my questions to you all is: Do you have any suggestions for good reads? Do you have any favorite theological books or any favorite authors? Any other suggestions on what I could do this summer that would be challenging and/or create spiritual growth? Does anyone else have plans for the summer? Anyway I can be praying for you and any goals or thing you might have going on this summer?

Thanks guys and girls =)


Anonymous said...

John Owen's Doctrine of Sin(the big fat one) is kind of hard to read with its complicated sentences and old words(well,I thought so about five years ago) but I was still affected by it and am going to read it this summer. I only read a portion of it before. Randy Alcorn's In Light of Eternity is good, Humility by C.J. Mahaney and Worldiness which is by a bunch of people, but C.J.'s name is on the front, are also good.

I have a few plans for the summer, including reading fictional and theological books, but I need more!! I decided to sort of teach myself some things I want to learn, but I need a few more goals for this summer. Any ideas, anyone?

Cara said...

Ooh...great question. As for books, I LOVE John Piper's The Swans Are Not Silent series (they're in the bookstore, I also have them all and would be willing to loan :-) ). They're all that come to mind at the moment...

Here's another thought: why not use our time to encourage one another on Rebelutionaries? Here's some ideas:
~Share testimonies
~If we read good books, post book reviews/interesting quotes/"what I learned" blurbs
I know I sometimes feel like what I have to say isn't very profound, so I don't post. I hope to start posting more this summer. People like me, know that God can use anything and everything-and posting doesn't take long. Just try it. I will.