Thursday, July 2, 2009

Anybody home?

If you read this blog regularly (at least once a month) please comment on this post. Just an "I'm here" would work. There's nothing wrong with a small group, but it would be nice to know who's benefiting from this blog (I know I have).

If you have a minute, answer these questions (I know, more questions! But it would be helpful to know, I think):
1. Which have encouraged you most/been most helpful - the weekly accountability, book studies, or "random" posts?
2. Would you be willing to post occasionally, with prayer requests, praises, comments on sermons, or something similar?
3. Do you feel like you are too busy to be able to keep up with a blog like this?



Cara said...

1. I really enjoy "random" posts. With weekly accountability I'd like to see sharing of tips (how to improve type stuff). Book stud(ies) are fine, though I tend to either read ahead or not at all :-).
2. I am posting occasionally, though not as much as I intend to :-).
3. I've been able to keep up so far; we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Haha. You answered your own post. silly girl. =)

I like the random posts and the book studies, although I'm the only one to answer any of the questions. I haven't answered the second chapter's questions yet, though. Coming soon. I can't post. I check it a lot, but when school starts, will not be doing it quite as often..maybe once a week, maybe once every other week. We'll see.
Thanks for asking, Cara. It seems pretty dead around here lately.

Em Joy said...

1. Well, I might like the posts more if I wasn't the only one posting. However, I have to say I really am encouraged by the accountability posts...though I haven't posted them weekly as much since I very rarely get a reply.
2. Yes, I am of course willing to post. I however struggle with finding time to keep up with answering my own posts. actually, I'm going to make a blog post on a thought I'd like to share.

Melly Rose said...

I like the random thoughts. I haven't been checking the blog as often as I have done before.
I would love to post except right now I don't have anything in mind. :(
Sometimes...definitely going to get harder as I go into college this fall, but I'll try my best to keep up! :)