Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DHT chapter 5 questions

“Life is full of scary things,” write Alex and Brett. Most of us can relate! The problem comes when we let fear or discomfort limit what we attempt or dream for our lives. Most teens are afraid to speak in public, try something new, go somewhere new, or meet new people. Interestingly, all these experience usually turn out positively—or at least give us the most interesting stories. If we’re willing to act in spite of fear, risk failure when necessary, and trust God, our lives will change radically for the better. And we’ll accomplish more than we ever could have imagined.

1) Would you say that fear of failure or discomfort affects you (a) not at all, (b) a little, (c) often, or (d) all the time? Talk about your answer.

2) Identify the areas in your life where you try hardest to stay in your “cozy little routines.” In each case, what negative outcome are you most afraid of? What very positive outcome might come about if you took that first scary step despite your fears?

3) Most of us associate words like faith and courage with positive feelings. But Alex and Brett write that many who choose to act out of faith or courage actually experience intensely negative feelings, such as fear, uncertainty,
worry, and doubt. If you have ever made a courageous choice but felt terrible while you were making it, talk about it. What happened? What did you learn?

4) Why might God be able to accomplish more through us when we act in spite of our weaknesses rather than out of our confidence or strength?

5) “Our story started with a simple step into the unknown,” Seth Willard says in this chapter. “But by God’s grace, our story has only just begun.” As you were reading this chapter, did any thoughts come to mind about a step into the unknown you should or could be taking? If so, what is it?